Using a VPN at an Online Crypto Casino FAQs

Crypto casinos can be played anywhere because they don’t rely on banking or payment providers to deposit funds. But what happens when you want to pay online slots or casino games but can’t because you are either visiting or living in a country that has banned online gambling? A lot of slots players will have considered using a VPN to trick your browser into thinking you’re in a different country and enabling you to play at online casinos.

While this can work, and you may be able to play slots…there are a lot of risks to be aware of! Will the casino still have to pay out? No. Will you be able to claim any form of compensation or protection if they treat you unfairly? Probably not. It is not something we recommend doing, and below are some of the common FAQs we are asked.

Playing Online Casinos through VPN FAQs

What does VPN stand for?

VPN means ‘Virtual Private Network’ and they are used to hide your IP address allowing you to bypass any geographical restrictions and access a website that would otherwise be off limits in the country that you reside.

Why play at an online casino using a VPN?

Players usually use a VPN to combat region blocking and gain access to a casino that is restricted where they are based. Most VPN services allow you to switch countries to a different region where their VPN server is based and your IP address will no longer be visible from where you are physically situated.

Is it illegal to play at an online casino using a VPN?

If the country where you reside allows Virtual Private Networks then you’re not breaking any laws by gambling online using a VPN. The rules on gambling online with a VPN vary from one country to the next.

What are the risks of gambling with a VPN?

One major pitfall of using a VPN to play at an online casino is that the casino may not payout your winnings if they learn that you broke their rules by accessing the casino from a restricted country using a VPN.

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