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Primedice is one of the original dice games and offers trusted and reliable gameplay to bitcoin players wishing to enjoy a pure and straightforward bitcoin dice game.

While Primedice has just one game, they manage to keep their players entertained, and more importantly well looked after. Primedice players are hugely loyal choosing to return time and time again. Why? Our bitcoin casino review will reveal all!

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*Strictly 18+ ONLY. Please read the casino Terms & Conditions and Bonus Policy. PLEASE GAMBLE RESPONSIBLY.

About Primedice Casino

Primedice isn’t your average bitcoin casino. These days we have seen flashier and more impressive bitcoin casinos offering all and sundry to their players. However, Primedice has stuck to what they know and managed to remain hugely successful.

The reason is, they do it really well and work perfectly for players who want to log in and play without fuss or distraction. In fact, the only welcome distraction you’ll find here is the ticker displaying comments from fellow players. These can be very entertaining in themselves and give that community feel that many bitcoin players crave.

The fact that you can simply type in a username and password and begin playing just means there is no hassle in getting started. So you can relax and enjoy the dice game fun right away although we recommend setting up an email for password recover pretty soon after. You don’t want to win a load of bitcoin only to find you are not able to access them because you’ve forgotten your password!

Another feature and probably why bitcoin players love Primedice so much is that even if you aren’t quite ready to commit you can head to their faucet and you’ll find a little gift there waiting so you can play along too. It only works if your account is zero; however, as your player level increases, so does the faucet giving you even bigger payouts.

Primedice is a pure unadulterated bitcoin casino offering an enhanced version of their original and popular bitcoin dice game. If you want a provably fair and trusted casino with a friendly and welcoming bitcoin community, then Primedice makes an excellent choice.

Casino Features and Games

Primedice offers a single product, their bitcoin dice game. It’s their version of the original, and some may say best game for bitcoin players, but they’ve incorporated a few enhancements and additions to really keep the action going!

You are immediately aware that you are not the only dice game fan, as the ticker reminds us that players are also joining in the fun and getting involved in some colourful and friendly chat. Of course, if you have just logged in and your account is empty, it won’t be for long as the Primedice faucet is there to top you up!

Primedice Bitcoin Casino desktop

Primedice offers one of the lowest house edges of any casino at just 1%, and this improves even further in your favour when you play against other players, making them an attractive prospect. Another unique perk to being a member of the Primedice community is they pay you for finding any bugs within the site. Hopefully, there aren’t too many of those as this is a pretty slick operation but it’s a good incentive for sure!


Primedice can be counted on for fair play. They are a trusted brand in the industry with an open and honest approach to how they carry out their business and look after your funds. Their game is 100% fair, and you can see for yourself how it all works by heading to their ‘Fairness’ page. More importantly, the casino is verified by the Crypto Gambling Foundation. We love them for their simple registration process, fast transactions and easy to use game.

Customer Support and Player Perks

The moment you enter Primedice, you are greeted with a chat message letting you know they are behind the scenes and ready to help at any given moment. The chat bubble is always there floating at the bottom of the screen so you can access their live chat instantly.

As a Primedice player, you will have plenty of perks and can work your way up the levels and gain achievements by carrying out some relatively simple tasks. Even sending a message to the chat box can help you work your way up the levels! Moving up the levels will increase the amount you can get from the faucet, so it is well worth doing!

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Primedice and dice game fun are just a few clicks away! Follow our link to begin your journey and look out of those free bitcoins care of the Primedice faucet!


Play now at PrimeDice!

*Strictly 18+ ONLY. Please read the casino Terms & Conditions and Bonus Policy. PLEASE GAMBLE RESPONSIBLY.

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Pure bliss for bitcoin players looking for simple, fast and rewarding gameplay with player perks and faucet to keep you playing for longer.

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