CyberDice Casino Review: Play with FREE bitcoin!

Play at CyberDice with free BTC thanks to their regular faucet and earn more BTC by taking part in their friendly online chats and leaderboard with other crypto casino enthusiasts!

CyberDice is an exciting cryptogame taking the online crypto casino scene by storm. This pure dice game is everything we love about crypto gambling. Find out more in our CyberDice review.

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This welcome bonus is available to new Cyberdice customers only.

CyberDice Bitcoin Casino Review

Let’s roll! Time to join the CyberDice revolution and indulge in some pure, unadulterated bitcoin dice game fun! CyberDice is all about one thing, their dice game. It might not sound like much, but there is so much to enjoy here, with plenty of ways to grab some free bitcoin for taking part in some pretty easy tasks taking your fun to the next level!

CyberDice is a provably fair game which has been independently verified to ensure a 100% fair result with every roll of the dice. The game has a low house edge of just 1%. The site also features a regular faucet so players can collect free bitcoin to play with throughout the day. There is also the option to earn more bitcoin by taking part in chats or as part of their referral program.

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Aside from just simply playing, you can be part of the whole community at CyberDice and enjoy all the perks and rewards that it brings. Join the chats, compete in the regular contests and try and gain a spot on their leaderboard and earn some free bitcoin.

The site is fully supported with 24/7 online chat with an experienced team behind the scenes to help you. Currently, the casino only supports Bitcoin, but with Litecoin and Etheruem coming soon.

Player Perks

There are plenty of benefits to being part of the CyberDice customer base. Completing a certain task or even taking part in regular chats will earn you free BTC. It’s worth checking out their benefits page and how to start earning as it can really add up!


At CyberDice, the faucet feature allows users to claim free cryptocurrency to play with. The faucet value is 0.000001 BTC which can be claimed 30 times a day. It’s a great way to try it out for free risk-free.

Chat Rain

Simply take part in the CyberDice chat and get free BTC! The more you chat, the more you can earn. CyberDice like to make it ‘Rain’ on their players, but don’t worry it’s not the sort of rain you’re thinking of, it’s raining bitcoin here! Their chat users are regularly treated to a soaking of bitcoin, with 2 randomly chosen to receive free bitcoin every 30 minutes! The more you chat, the more chance you’ll have of being one of the lucky recipients!

Remember to keep it respectful and friendly with your fellow crypto casino players!

Deposit Options

Currently, you can only deposit in Bitcoin at CyberDice but they are looking to add Litecoin and Etheruem to their accepted list of cryptocurrencies soon.

Getting Started

It couldn’t be simpler to get started at CyberDice. First up, it’s only for crypto players, so you won’t be able to use your fiat currency here. You’ll need a Bitcoin wallet set up ready so you can quickly carry out your deposit and start playing.

Firstly create your account, you can use our link below to speed up the process. Choose a username and secure password. All you’ll have to do is provide an email address which you’ll need to verify and you are ready to play!

You can then make a deposit or use the faucet to play for free to try out the game!

How to Play

To play the CyberDice game there are a few adjustments you can make and things to note which will affect your bet amount and the amount you can win. These include:

  • Roll amount – this allows you to adjust the amount of coins you use for each roll.
  • Multiplier – this is the multiplier amount you’ll get if you win, the higher the multiplier the higher your profit will be.
  • Win chance – kind of self-explanatory, but this is the chance you have of winning based on your current settings. The higher the win chance, the lower the multiplier.
  • Roll target‘Roll over’ means you will win is the number rolled is higher than your chosen number. A ‘Roll under’ means you’ll win if the number rolled is lower than your chosen number.
  • Click on ‘Let’s Roll’ to start the turn!

You can also set the game to ‘Auto’ mode with specific parameters. There are additional controls in Auto mode, so make sure you familiarise yourself with them all before you play as they can affect your chances of winnings and potential profits.

Play at CyberDice Casino with FREE BTC!

If you’ve read enough and want to get started right away, follow our link below and we will send you straight over to CyberDice to start playing!

Get ready to roll!

Visit CyberDice Casino!

This welcome bonus is available to new Cyberdice customers only.

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Cyberdice Bitcoin Casino Review
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CyberDice might only be about its dice game, but it has a lot to offer with a low house edge, and regular faucet allowing you to play with free BTC!

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